Louise Taylor: Vocal Guru

---Karen FitzPatrick

 ”…Louise is singing from a place about half a mile below where she stands, and drawing influences from about nine miles up. Plus they all get channeled through that voice and those hands. Holy *%#@$ smokes!" --- says Peter Mulvey.

    Attention singers! A fabulous singing coach has taken up residence in Arkansas and is available for workshops and lessons.  My friends that host Eureka House Concerts are big fans of Louise Taylor as a performer and encouraged me to attend a voice workshop she was having in Fayetteville.  My excitement over what I learned in that two-hour workshop inspired me to tell every singer I know about her. Susan Shore was also at the workshop in Fayetteville. In an E-mail afterward, she so eloquently described her own personal experience that I hope she doesn’t mind that I am using it here.

    "For anyone with a desire simply to sing, or to sing with more ease, power, and expression, Louise's technique is practical and easily assimilated. She's a sensitive and respectful teacher with the ability to communicate in a way each of us can comprehend. I normally wouldn't make such a big deal about voice lessons, but after taking only two workshops and one private lesson with Louise, I'm thrilled that I'm beginning to find my own voice, one that has more depth, better tone, and expressiveness. And that makes me happy!  Best, Susan Shore”

    Known for her smoky jazz inflected vocals Louise says, “Singing is a natural ability that can be developed. We are all mimickers, that is how we learned to speak. The speaking voice is the same instrument as the singing voice. Believe it or not singing can be that easy when you learn how to get out of your own way; if you can speak you can sing!” The voice is the most versatile and personal instrument you can play. Through learning a few basic concepts and vocal exercises you can begin to free your own resonant voice. This is not a class for practicing scales or demonstrating technical skill. This class is beneficial to anyone no matter what their experience. Students should bring something to take notes with. Recording devices are welcome.

    Louise studied voice with creative genius Frank Baker who voice was paralyzed by a stroke early in his singing career. Frank went on to develop a relatively simple and effective method for discovering the natural voice. Says Taylor, “Frank was the rarest of individuals who not only gave me the tools to develop my own voice but also taught me how to be honest, there’s no fooling an audience”. Louise has continued to use these simple concepts to develop and keep her voice in shape over the course of her career as singer/songwriter.

    Good news travels fast! Each time a Louise Taylor Vocal Workshop has happened in Eureka Springs the appreciative participants go around “singing her praises” with such enthusiasm that another is planned right away. She currently resides in Cotter, AR and is holding workshops in Harrison, Mountain Home, Fayetteville, and Eureka. If you are interested in reserving a place at one of these workshops or setting up lessons, please e-mail Louise at bcoyote@mtnhome.com or call (870) 435-5695. Also, check out her website www.louisetaylor.com for concert dates, CD’s, and more.